Technology Meets Finance: Budgeting in 2017

Before the marriage of technology and finance, many families in Indiana knew that maintaining a budget on paper was not always an easy task. Over-sized ledger books, somewhat legible writing and stacks of statements were all part of this unwieldly process.


Thankfully technology has helped create hundreds of budgeting and personal finance apps for adults. Most users today find the trouble is filtering through the app store and finding the best budget tool for their personal needs.  There are even a library of apps that can help parents talk and teach their children about money. Starting with the grownups, here are a few favorites:


  1. Allows in-depth personal budget management and expense logging and lets you sync your bank and card details for an up-to-date and secure look at your financial state.


  1. Expensify: If you are a business traveler, you’ll love this handy app that allows you to manually track expenses, photolog receipts and import purchase info from your credit card for eReceipts.


  1. IOU Debt Manager: Now you can keep track of who owes you what or what you owe other people.


  1. PocketGuard: This all-in-one bank account tracking and budget management app shows you how much is in your account and what you can afford to spend for the day.


  1. Home Budget with Sync: Includes a neat Family Sharing feature that allows users to easily set a budget, and then sync income and expenses between multiple devices. Also contains charts and infographics.


To get your kids used to the idea of handling money, there are apps that help them learn money skills. Money Apps For Kids You find seven different apps that use a smartphone to teach your children savings and budgeting lessons developed for different ages, from 5 and 6-up to 13+. For more information and financial tips, visit Midwest Wealth Management at, or call us at 317-288-4989.

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