Midwest Wealth Management, Inc.’s Investors Access Program™ offers new alternatives in wealth creation

Indianapolis, Indiana. March 2, 2014 – Midwest Wealth Management, Inc., a private investment group specializing in alternative investments, announced today the launch of a 5-stage investment process called the Investors Access Program. This unique program was developed to provide an alternative route to wealth creation and protection especially for the sophisticated and independent-minded investor. Investors Access Program™ begins with the Interview step to lay the foundation for a successful collaboration. After client objectives are identified and assessed, a focused strategy is engineered and launched to address their unique opportunities and challenges. Advanced training and industry knowledge —coupled with a superior service model for optimal performance—enhance the process and provide unparalleled support to each client throughout the 5-stage program. To complement the Investors Access Program™, a new website was also developed, explaining the program in more detail and featuring investment blogs focusing on alternative investments. Also introduced on the site is a free downloadable eBook entitled: The Alternative Investor, a guide book for alternative investments by Greg Shields, President of Midwest Wealth Management, Inc., to further explain the opportunities and obstacles associated with alternative investments. About Midwest Wealth Management, Inc. Midwest Wealth Management, Inc. was formed by Greg Shields, a 30-year financial services veteran to offer sophisticated investors an alternative when looking for a more strategic path for long-term investing. As a private investment group, Midwest Wealth Management, Inc. offers a proprietary trading platform, alternative investment offerings and dedicated advisory support for a select audience. For more information, please visit www.midwest-wealth.com.
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